Are you tired of worrying about everything in your life? God wants you to live in victory! Here are some bible verses to help you stop worrying and start living the abundant life in Christ. #worry #fear #worryless #prayer #livefree

3 Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Start Living in Victory

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As a child I was known to be a worrier.

My creative mind would conjure up the most elaborate of “worst case scenarios” in any given circumstance.

A missed assignment meant I was failing the class and probably high school in general.

When a friend didn’t call, I would assume I did something wrong and the friendship was over.

Worry has a way of bringing our minds straight to the possible negative outcomes and keeping us hostage there.

Recently I’ve found myself in this unhealthy cycle of worry.

With both of my boys moving out at the same time I’ve been focusing on the what ifs. 

What if they aren’t prepared for the real world?

What if something happens and I’m not there to help them?

The truth of the matter, is that God is taking care of my boys. 

Although my husband and I have been stewarding over them all these years, God has been molding them and shaping them.

He is their Father and He loves them more than we do.

Rather than give into worry, I have to constantly remind myself that He is in control.

Perhaps what you’re worrying about seems to be of a more series nature…your finances, your health, a potential loss.

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Are you tired of worrying about everything in your life? God wants you to live in victory! Here are some bible verses to help you stop worrying and start living the abundant life in Christ. #worry #fear #worryless #prayer #livefree

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Start Living in Victory:

That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plan or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Matthew 6:25-27 NLT

Identify the fear

In Matthew 6:25-27, Jesus tells us not to worry.

He knows our minds can easily become preoccupied with the concerns of everyday life or the difficult circumstances that lie in front of us.

But when we take our eyes off of God and place them on our situations, we become filled with worry, anxiety and fear

Worry is rooted in fear.

Fear isolates us, holding us back from God’s plan in our lives.

Rather than focusing on the what ifs, we can choose to ask why?

For example….

If you’re worrying about your finances–why?

  • Do you believe God won’t provide?
  • Are you worried you’ll lose all your possessions? 

Identifying the root of fear attached to the worry, enables us to cast down those thoughts that do not line up with God’s Word and redirect our minds to the truth. It helps us to stop worrying and start living!

Are you tired of worrying about everything in your life? God wants you to live in victory! Here are some bible verses to help you stop worrying and start living the abundant life in Christ. #worry #fear #worryless #prayer #livefree

Are you ready to go from fear to freedom? Join us for a 30 day journey of learning to be bold and brave in the face of fear. You'll be equipped with biblical truths, testimonies of overcoming fear and scriptures to help you along the way. #nofear #fearless #scripture #overcomingfear

WAR against Worry

As an analytical, type A personality,  I can quickly let my thoughts get out of control.

I will rethink something over and over until I’ve settled on the why and what behind a situation.

Unfortunately during that process, the what ifs start spinning out of control and before I know it, I’ve created more of those “worse case scenarios”.

Because I know this about myself I’m learning to be more intentional with my thoughts. I’m learning to not just take them captive, but to WAR against them.

What does that look like?

Once I’ve identified the fear, I look up scriptures on what God’s Word says about them. 

When I worry about my sons and their ability to thrive in the real world, I turn to the back of my Bible to the concordance (or google) and I look up scriptures on God’s protection over them.

Here’s what I found:

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3 NIV

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all Psalm 34:19 NIV

My God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. He is my refuge, my savior, the one who saves me from violence. 2 Samuel 22:3 NLT

Once I find the scriptures, I begin to WAR:

  • Write the scripture- I literally write down the scripture straight from the Bible.
  • Apply the scripture- I ask myself, “What can I learn from this scripture and how can I apply it to my life?”
  • Respond in prayer- I talk to God about my worry, I lay before His feet and I confess the truths I just read in the scripture I wrote.

By using this method I’m able to take my focus off my worries and place it in it’s rightful place….on God.

Turning Worry into Worship

Once I finish writing the scripture, applying the scripture and praying, I begin to worship.

If I’m being honest, this is my favorite part.

In the presence of the Almighty, worry melts like wax.

I begin to thank the Lord for victory in advance. I sing praises to His Holy name and tell Him how awesome He is.

I don’t do this to get God to move….I do this because I need to be reminded of how BIG, AWESOME and GREAT He is. 

It never fails, when I worship, worry flees. 

Maybe you’re in a place today, where worry is consuming you.

Friend, whatever you’re worrying about, it’s no match for God.

Nothing is too big or too small for Him to take care of. He cares for you.

Bring your worries to Him. Take on His yoke, it’s easy and His burden is light.

Allow Him to penetrate every area of your being and fill you with His goodness.

Today is the day you stop worrying and start living in victory. Because God has you covered.






This post is part of a 30 day journey to living a BOLDER, BRAVER life.

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Are you ready to go from fear to freedom? Join us for a 30 day journey of learning to be bold and brave in the face of fear. You'll be equipped with biblical truths, testimonies of overcoming fear and scriptures to help you along the way. #nofear #fearless #scripture #overcomingfear


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  1. I’m so excited to be a part of this blog tour with you! What a perfect post to kick it off. One of my “what if” fears came true last week. You know one of those things you worry will happen to you, and then it does? I got a pedicure and the lady cut my big toe, and now my toe is infected! Going to get antibiotics today. Of course, my mind is tempted to worry about how bad it could get if the antibiotics don’t work. Your post reminds me to trust Psalm 34 that God will deliver me from all my troubles. Love you friend!

    1. I’m so excited to have you as part of this, Valerie!! I love that you always walk out your faith in the face of fear. You are a true inspiration to me!! And I would probably freak out over that too- but you are so right…God delivers us from all of our troubles, this one included!! ❤️

  2. Thank you Alisa, for starting this tour off with words of truth and wisdom! It’s amazing how changing seasons of life can trigger new worry. With the change, it seems like this type of thinking can ‘sneak’ in, along with the practical thoughts of needing to adjust and act to help the transition go smoothly. For me, the first thought can be productive if I act on what I can, but it’s the ‘dwelling’ on those thoughts that produces worry. I love these practical tips to ‘war’ with the thoughts and turn my worry into worship! Looking forward to the next 30 days and am honored to be included. Thank you for all you do to share the words God gives you to encourage others.

  3. Alisa, this is so relate-able! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and being transparent about your own tendencies to worry. The part I love about this post is that you encourage us to know that when fear comes we don’t have to let it take control. Thank you for giving us the insight and wisdom for overcoming fear by leading us to the One who conquers all things!

  4. This is so vital, often times we worry about the unknown but God has already taken care of it we only need to trust Him more. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Oh girl there are days I think I could worry my pants off if I let it. I love your practical tips on how to stop fear in its tracks and your transparency. I guarantee you are an awesome mom who love your kids deeply and they will go out equipped to become whomever God created them to be. 🙂 You are a treasure. And so happy to join you in this 30 days of conquering our fears! xoxo

  6. This is so powerful! I’ve written about fear and anxiety on my blog, as those are absolutely things I struggle with. But this hits the nail on the head for me! The goal is to turn worry into WORSHIP

  7. This touches me to my very core. My mind is always racing with the million things I have to do that cannot get done, and how I am somehow doing myself, my children, and my husband a disservice when I do not get to all of them. But God has been asking me why recently? Why are you trying to get all of this done? Stop worrying. Leave it all right here. I can take care of it. And I hear Him. Now I just have to do it.

  8. I need to start using this with my 5 year old. (some of it modified…) teaching him to stop worrying and start living is something I’ve been trying to figure out recently!

  9. Such great thoughts and encouragement in the area of worrying. I know that when I was young I did tend to worry about things but I usually did not voice it much. I know that a few of my kiddos inherited that trait and actually one of them worries much more than I did and we have to have frequent talks about the not borrowing tomorrow’s trouble for today. Love the WAR against them. I am going to be sharing this one with my daughter. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the encouraging post. It’s 4 am here in Israel and I am worrying about my son and a school situation and our finances. Praying and then found your blog. Thank you for the encouragement. Very well written! What font do you use? I like it. Blessings from Jerusalem,

  11. I love this! I often think how much we have to root out the lies that we have believed and replace them with lies. Your 3 steps are the same steps I use to replace a lie. Although, I usually need to go though the process repeatedly, depending on how long the lie has existed. God’s Word is so powerful! For some reason I never thought of this for worry…. I am starting today, and bringing my family in to. Many Thanks 8)

  12. I can take worry to a professional level without even trying. These are great thoughts to war against worry.

  13. Rose Rita Kingamkono says:

    I liked this blog and want to be receiving daily posts

  14. Charlotte hood says:

    Hi I have been a Christian for almost 15 years I had 5 family memebers pass away they where close to me I went back into the world I have repented but I got so depressed and had anxiety still do but not as much the thoughts and tummy pains of fear where horrid I almost believed I lost my salvation I’m studying the renewing of my mind has anyone else had this Charlotte

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