Is God calling you to do something outside your comfort zone? Are you shrinking back in fear? Stepping out in the face of fear can lead you to great things!

Stepping Out in the Face of Fear

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Barak told her, “I will go, but only if you go with me.”

Deborah had just relayed a word from the Lord:

“The Lord, the God of Israel, commands you: ‘Go, take with you ten thousand men of Naphtali and Zebulun and lead them up to Mount Tabor.  I will lead Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army, with his chariots and his troops to the Kishon River and give him into your hands.” Judges 4:6-7

After that command, Barak’s response sounded a little lacking in faith.

Why wouldn’t he just go?

God already told him he would be victorious.

Why did He need her to go with him?

And then God asked me to do something uncomfortable.

Have you ever been there?

You know God has instructed you to do something, and you are more than willing. But you don’t want to do it alone.

Something in you needs to know that someone else is with you.

Somehow it seems less intimidating. Less scary. Less lonely.

When the new year began, I felt God whispering to me about “comfort zones”. My first thought was: Adventure! Yay! I like the thought of adventure, spontaneity and fun.

But actually doing them makes my palms sweaty and my heart race.

When it goes from planning to action I think, Wait, you mean we are actually going to do these things?

Thinking about them is fun, doing them is…. a little frightening.

But just like with Barak, God is not surprised by my apprehensions.


It was time for the She Speaks conference to open. There were several things I was looking forward to… meeting some friends from my Compel Training and gleaning some wisdom and encouragement from Lysa TerKeurst and her amazing team.

And then there was the rest…. traveling alone (What?), staying in a hotel alone (Again, what??), sharing my book with a publisher (Am I even a real writer???).

All the insecurities arose as I began to put action to the plan.

I did not want to do this alone.

Even the fun stuff.

 I tried to drag some other ladies with me, but for some reason or another, they couldn’t go. So there I was, left with a decision.

Is God calling you to do something outside your comfort zone? Are you shrinking back in fear? Stepping out in the face of fear can lead you to great things!

Will I go? Will I step out in the face of fear?

I had some real conversations with myself.

Self Talk helps sometimes–telling my soul what my spirit knows.

This is what I know:

[clickToTweet tweet=”I have to be willing to step out in adventure when I say ‘Yes’ to God.” quote=”I have to be willing to step out in adventure when I say ‘Yes’ to God.”]

I won’t always know every detail.

I may not feel equipped to go.

However, I do know the One who is sending me.

He is All Knowing, Faithful and Always Available (just incase I have a meltdown and begin rethinking this whole adventure half way through!).

Life can be an adventure with God. He is fully prepared to guide us, protect us and be with us along the way. We have to make the choice to step out and go. I don’t want to live with regret. Do you?

Sooooo, I did it. I booked the conference, the hotel and scheduled a meeting with the publisher. It’s on. I’m choosing my destiny over fear. I’m choosing adventure over comfort. I may be afraid, but I’m doing it afraid. God is with me and He will keep me.

I love this quote by Mark Twain:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

What about you?

Is there something God’s asking you to do? Fear will always try to hold us back from what God is asking us to do. Fear seeks to intimidate and tell us what will happen. We can choose to listen to the voice of fear or the voice of God. What He asks us to do, He will equip us to do.

So again, what about you? Are you ready for the adventure? Shut the door on the voice of fear and say, “Yes!” It will be a ride that you won’t soon forget!

Are you ready to overcome the fears that are holding you back? Here’s a free resource for you to help you to step out and overcome fear!



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  1. Oh, Alisa, how I can relate to this post!
    There are so many times I want to step out for God and live life to the fullest – but then fear sets in and I cave. I am so glad you made the choice to follow through with She Speaks. I am truly hoping for the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee with you!
    Sweetest blessings to you sister!

    1. Are you going to She Speaks?? If so, if love to connect while we’re there!

  2. You will love She Speaks. Every part of it. Just come without intimidation or fear or even expectations. Just soak in new friends, new information, and be a part of a crowd of 700 women who understand your hopes and dreams in ministry. <3 Welcome to Speaks!

    1. Thanks Suzie!! I really am so excited. When those fears rise, I have to be consistent in reminding them (and myself) who my God is!

  3. Alisa wish I were going with you. Haven’t been able to yet. I’ve been right where you are. I went to the P31 OBS retreat year before last to meet ladies I am in studies with daily. I was scared, but it was one of the greatest adventures I’ve been on and made so many special memories. I know you will too.

  4. What a good word of encouragement, Alisa!
    I especially love the quote by Mark Twain.
    Oh, to live with no regrets! To try, to explore, to say yes!
    Thanks for an uplifting and affirming post!
    Found your post today on Modest Mom.
    Hope you have a great Monday~

    1. Thanks Melanie! I love that quote too, very inspiring! Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. I’m so excited for you! Praying that God will empower you by the Holy Spirit and give you everything you need to fulfill your calling. I know He will! Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Good for you for choosing to obey, even in the face of fear. My One Word last year was “choose” and entailed a lot of stepping into fears, choosing to believe God would not leave or forsake me, as He promised. I think God always leads us to Scriptures that embolden and encourage us at the right time (something I sense in your post here too). I look forward to returning to hear the blessings God bestowed upon and through you there.

    1. That’s a great word, Anna! I feel like we always have to choose to do what we know we should be doing, because our feelings are constantly telling us not to! Thank you for visiting today and encouraging me!

  7. Alisa! I’m right there with ya, sister. I’m headed to She Speaks for the first time this year too, and I’ve had the same fears. Traveling alone?! ack. Very out of my comfort zone. Glad to know I’m not alone. And, yay for you for saying yes to God, instead of yes to fear. Would love to connect with you there. If you’d like, email me and I can give you my contact info. Prayers for your book proposal to go well. ((sweet blessings))

  8. Love that Mark Twain quote, Alisa! And bravo to you for registering for She Speaks. I went two years ago, full of the same fears. You won’t regret it! Belonging to Compel gives you an advantage for connecting with people! Glad I saw you at #TuesTalk

    1. Thanks Betsy! It is very intimidating to go by myself, but sounds like a lot of people have done the same thing and have loved it! Thanks for stopping by today!

  9. Oh Alisa, I’m so glad you are stepping out in adventure to trust the Lord. I’m excited to meet you at She Speaks and am praying over your writing journey with the publisher’s meeting. God has his hands all over it. I sure love reading your blog. <3 Thank you for linking up to Open Mic Monday at Cisneros Cafe. God bless you this week, my beautiful friend.

    1. Thanks, Carolina! I look forward to meeting you too! I appreciate your prayers

  10. me, too (me, too!!)
    I just signed up for SheSpeaks and get. it. all.
    Except – worse case: signed up too late to get a pub. appt and all my first choice workshops! HA! So waiting and wondering what God has in mind. This is my first. It may be my last. Hope we can meet in the hall or?
    Kinda fun, no?

    1. I know…. Not sure what will come out of this, but thank God, He knows! I’m glad I don’t have to figure all that out. I’m just going to show up and see what He does! I’d love to meet! I’m excited to meet some friends in person!

      1. okey doke – feel the same . all in God’s capable hands. email for cell number if you get a chance. (:

  11. Alisa, great post! I have never been to She Speaks but have heard great things about it!

    Thanks for linking up at Woman to Woman’s Word Filled Wednesday.

    God bless!

  12. It’s funny reading this because even though I, too, love adventure and new things, I am scared to do them myself – even if God is wanting me to. I’m a loner, but only at certain times.

    I love this post, it makes me thing about some things with regards to myself.

    1. Thanks, Tammy! I go back and forth. Sometimes I like to be alone and other times, I wouldn’t dream of doing things alone. I think I’m more prone to want someone around when I’m in unchartered waters! Thanks for stopping by today!

  13. This was a great post Alisa! You should totally go!!! GO! Here’s something funny- my blog post today was not being able to go because God said no! I write how my feelings were so hurt because he said no, and I really really wanted to go. God is so amazing about how he loves each of his children individually the way He does. Anyway- GO!

    1. Yes! I’m definitely going! I’m actually getting really excited! I’ve gotten a lot of no’s too, but this time, when I was hesitant, it was a go! Thanks for stopping by today!

  14. Alisha,
    I remember my first conference – a writers’ conference. I went alone. I stayed in a B & B. And I loved every minute of it. Except the B&B (not very clean). I met so many friends. That was 12 years ago. I still go as often as I can. May the Lord bless your stepping out in faith. May you find the support, the friends and YES – you can write.
    Thanks for joining Word of God Speak

  15. Yes! This: “I’m choosing my destiny over fear.” This is what we all need. But more than words we need feet on the ground with this. That’s the hard part. Praying for amazing blessings for you on the journey!

    1. So true, Becky! Putting action to words is so important and hard! Thank you for your prayers.

  16. I am so excited for you that you get to go to She Speaks!! And I will join you in praying for God to open the doors that He has already planned for you to walk through. It is hard to step out into the unknown, but it is always a positive experience when we know that He is walking with us.

    Thanks for linking up at #Grace Moments!

  17. Alisa, you will love She Speaks! It’s as much of a worship service as it is a professional conference. The Holy Spirit is so present. I loved every bit of it last year. And that quote…yes! That is exactly and precisely what compels me to step out. I don’t want to be an old lady one day and look back wishing I had stepped out to follow God in faith. Great word and I’m glad Jennifer highlighted your piece!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am so excited to go. I’m trusting that God will provide exactly what I need as I step out in faith! Thank you for visiting today!

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