How do you conquer fear? Fear is not a one time war, but an ongoing battle. Here are 12 Dynamic Resources to Help you to Conquer Fear when it rises up.

12 Dynamic Resources to Help You Conquer Fear

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How do you conquer fear?

This was a question that I asked for years.

Plagued with anxiety and worry, I struggled to find a solution that would destroy fear in my life once and for all.

More often than not, my attempts to get rid of fear ended up just treating the symptoms, rather than dealing with the roots.

However, the longer I searched for an answer the more I began to realize that dealing with fear is an ongoing battle.

I needed to come up with a Battle Plan.

As part of my plan, I began to seek God, control my thoughts, worship and surround myself with people who would pray with me.

These key actions began to produce the fruit of peace I was looking for.

Today I want to share some amazing resources I’ve found that support these key actions.


How do you conquer fear? Fear is not a one time war, but an ongoing battle. Here are 12 Dynamic Resources to Help you to Conquer Fear when it rises up.

12 Dynamic Resources to Help You Conquer Fear


Valerie Murray has a plethora of resources for dealing with fear. I found her post 10 powerful Verses to Fight Fear encouraging and a wonderful tool to aid us in the battle against fear. 

Allison from Reclaim the Roar knows the cycle of fear and anxiety all to well. When I came across her post 33 Bible Verses for Depression and Anxiety, I knew I needed to share it! Her bold but authentic manor will leave you feeling prepared to conquer fear head on.


Although Rebekah Hallberg writes about marriage, her story is one that involves overcoming fear and anxiety. She shares 3 Prayers to Overcome Anxiety that will prove to be a valuable tool in your battle plan!

Another fantastic prayer resource is Alison Tiemeyer’s post 10 Bold Prayers for Anxiety & Fear. Not only does she provide powerful prayers, but a free prayer printable to keep close by when you need it!

Do you ever have those nights where you can’t sleep because fear has a grip on you? Jenni Dewitt from Genuflected shares 1 Simple Way to Fight Fear When You Can’t Sleep.


How Do You Let Go of Fear? Abby McDonald shows us one way she learned to overcome fear. I loved her verses and most importantly her courage to share her fears with friends. Many times we want to hide our fears in shame, thinking we are the only ones. If you can relate, this post will certainly be an encouragement to you!

Lauren Gaskill confidently declares that We are More Than Conquerors. And she is right! In her post she shows us the importance of sharing our struggles with others. It’s not always easy to be transparent about these things, but when we do God can use it for good and His glory.

Worship & Teachings

One of my newest favorite songs is “Fearless” by Jasmine Murray. This song is upbeat, but the truths that lie in the words are declarations that build my faith!

I’m a huge fan of Steven Furtick. He brings truth and boldness in every sermon. This one is no different. If you are looking to Brave the Waves and overcome anxiety, you’ll love this message!


I had the pleasure of being on the launch team for Kelly Balarie’s new book Fear Fighting. This valuable resource will not only make you realize you’re not the only one struggling, but will give you the courage to fight fear when you feel weak. Kelly’s bold faith will give you the confidence you need to fight fear and overcome!

One of the best books I’ve ever read on overcoming fear is Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. And then she came out with a practical application that supplemented that book called Power Thoughts. Ya’ll!! I took so many notes on this book that I had to devote an entire journal to it! Since all fear starts in our minds, this book had to be on the list of best resources!

I hope these resources will be an encouragement to you! What resources do you find helpful for battling fear? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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  1. These are great resources – I’m looking forward to checking out a couple of these that I haven’t seen yet, thank you!
    I appreciate you sharing these as I know many people will benefit. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Becky! There are some really great posts out there to help in this area!

  2. Great post! Thanks for bringing all these great resources together in one place for us.

  3. This has blessed me so much today, dear Alisa! I am in one of the hardest seasons of life right now, and I needed to re-read that post I wrote!! Thank you for all of these amazing resources. <3

    1. I loved that post, Lauren!! Sometimes we forget the amazing things God has done in us and through us until we’re asked to extend a compassionate hand to others. I love how your story impacted that sweet girl. Beautiful testimony of God’s grace in your life! ❤️

  4. Thank you for bringing together so many useful resources. Often we read these things but can’t find them again later when we need them. This post is great to keep and come back to later.

    1. Thanks, Ruth! It can be difficult to find good resources that are rooted in truth on this topic! Coming back to it is a great idea!

  5. These are some power packed resources! I’ll be linking to this article in my post going live Friday: When Dreams are Daunting! Blessings!

  6. I think the resource I lack the most is community. It isn’t that I don’t have a community, but it is almost 100% online, and that doesn’t really replace real, face-to-face interaction, you know? I’m working on getting to know more people at church though. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean, Rebecca! Community is so important! I’m more of an introvert so I don’t have a ton of friends “in real life” but I do have a core group of 3 or 4 close friends that I can count on. I actually met a few of my friends at church and in small group! Maybe look into a small group at church if your church offers them. That’s a great way to get connected!

  7. What a great idea to bring all these resources together! Thank you for sharing mine as well. Your email series looks great! I’m going to sign up.

    1. Thanks Valerie! And thank you for all your great resources on overcoming fear! I know they are a blessing to many!

  8. Great resources! I hope they minister to many 🙂

  9. I love the song Fearless by Jasmine Murray. Great post! I can’t wait to check out these resources.

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