The Art of Finding Silence in the Midst of the Noise

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Silence is golden.

Every visit to the movie theater I was presented with this phrase.

Years later, I’m still being reminded of the importance of silence.

It is golden.

For many reasons.

When you have children in the house, life can be a little chaotic…..and loud.

As mommas, it’s important for us to take time out and rest in the Lord. To be still before Him and quiet our minds.

But we don’t do that well.


We almost get addicted to the constant noise, leaving us feeling uncomfortable to sit in the quiet to listen for God.

Do you have a hard time sitting in the quiet? As uncomfortable as it may be, we can end up finding God in silence. Join us for the benefits of sitting still

My friend Aimee from knows this very well. She uncovers the importance of silence, but also the reluctance for us to sit quietly.

She explains:

Being silent doesn’t come easy. We have mind-chatter, anxiety, an incessant desire to grab our phone. The good news is that we get to know ourselves better through this–we see that we are not good at being still, not good at waiting on God. We recognize that we do not trust God with the things that aren’t getting done while we sit. We don’t trust that He can lead us into what we need. Choosing silence and solitude is an expression of trust, of relinquishing control. We stink at that.

I had never thought of sitting in silence before the Lord as relinquishing control. But it’s true. It’s putting all other things aside and letting Him take the lead. He has so much He wants to say to me. It’s simply my job to sit quietly and listen for Him.

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  1. Finding God in the still, small moments can be so powerful and life-changing when we let go of ourselves and choose HIm. Great reminders today and thanks for sharing Alisa! Happy to link words with you and the other Salt & Light ladies!

  2. Golden Silence. Yes, we DO stink at that. That made me smile. Thanks so much for hosting us, Alisa! I appreciate you.

    1. I know I stink at that. All my kids were gone a few weeks ago and the house was quiet. I literally did not know what to do with myself. The quiet almost bugged me! This is definitely something I’ve had to start practicing. Just being still and quiet to hear God speak. Thanks for linking up this week, Betsy! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Aimee! And you are so welcome! Thank you for bringing great content and challenging me to sit in silence with the Lord!

  3. Sitting still with God is one of the hardest things for me to do and yet it is the most rewarding. When I make it a daily practice my life is more peaceful. Great Post!

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