When You Need to Feed on God’s Word

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Have you ever felt spiritually hungry? 

The past few weeks have been busy with end of the year activities and I feel like I’ve been on overload.

I’m running myself ragged from one thing to the next without taking time to rest in the Lord.

As I read these questions from Dani’s post on spiritual hunger, I realized what I’d been missing.

Am I craving God’s Word like a newborn? I may not be able to read the Bible every hour—the pace at which Amariah feeds—but are verses frequently on my mind?

My answer to her question was no. I hadn’t been feeding on the Word of God. My schedule had been dictated by the busyness around me and once again, I had put my quiet time at the bottom.

It seems to be a constant struggle with me.

Sometimes I place an expectation on what my time should look like and if I know I can’t achieve that, I neglect it altogether.

Do you find yourself craving God's Word? Sometimes we are become spiritually dry and need to feed on God's Word. Here are great tips for feeding on the Word

Feeding on the Word of God

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can come as I am, whether I have 30 minutes or 5 minutes. Those precious moments with the Lord can fill me up quicker than anything else.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can come to God and rest in His presence. I can open His Word and be filled with His truth. Praise and Worship can fill my home, providing the peace I need in the midst of a busy season.

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  1. Love this thought of not neglecting God’s Word yet letting it fill us up, even when busy. Appreciate you and Dani’s words today! Thanks Alisa for the linkup community!

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