6 Practical Ways to Pray Continually Each Day

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Pray continually.

These two words have been on my heart since the beginning of the year.

Not just because I want to pray more, but because I know the power of connecting with the Father.

I want to hear Him more clearly, which means spending more time with Him.

These words were reiterated this week as I read a post by Lillian at Embracing the Lovely.

She gave 6 practical and simple ways we can incorporate pray into our daily routine.

I’m all about simple and practical.

Do you pray continually throughout the day? One way we can stay connected to God is through prayer. Here are 6 Practical ways to fulfill the pray continually bible verse.
Photo Credits: Flower Photo taken by Lillian @ EmbracingtheLovely.com

Not only does she share when she prays, but why she’s choosing to pray continually:

God has instructed us to ask him, entreat him, implore and pray to Him without stopping, by doing so constantly and continually without leaving out any detail or care.

I was so encouraged by these words!!

God is not simply suggesting that I pray continually, but is reaching out me….He’s beckoning me to come to Him throughout the day with anything and everything that is weighing on my heart.

He wants to ease my concerns, encourage my soul and celebrate my wins.

He wants to continually be in my life.

When I think of prayer in this light, it becomes less of an obligation and more of an excitement to spend time with the One who completely understands me and longs to commune with me.

Do you want to engage with God throughout the day? Head on over to Embracing the Lovely to find out 6 Creative Ways to Pray without Ceasing.

Thank you, Lillian for this wonderful reminder for us to seek God throughout the day. Feel free to grab the feature button below and place it on your website!

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  1. Thank you so much for the honor of being featured this week, Alisa.

    You’ve made my day!

  2. I like to have a blueprint for a more structured prayer time with God in the morning otherwise I get stuck just asking for stuff. I want to make sure I listen to what he has to say to me and thanking him for what he has given me.

    However, I love being in continual prayer with him all day. We just converse as we go.

  3. I’m sorry. Don’t kno when you posted this, but none of the links work. Is there anyway you could give a summary of the “6 Practical Ways to Pray Continually Each Day” God Bless.

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