Have you ever considered achieving goals with a monthly bible reading plan? Join us as we dig in the Word and accomplish goals along the way. #freeprintable #goalsetting #goals #monthlybiblereadingplan

How to Achieve Your Goals with a Monthly Bible Reading Plan

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Do you make goals at the beginning of each year?

Me too! I love a new year, with a fresh start and new goals to set and accomplish.

My husband and I carve time out of our schedules to not just set goals, but to put action items to them to ensure they are achieved.

What’s a goal without the proper plan to reach them, right?

As I sat down thinking about what I wanted out of my personal life this year, several topics emerged:

New Beginnings

I sense God wanting to do a new thing this year.


I want to show more love and affection to my husband, my children, my friends, and my community.

No More Fear

I want to overcome lingering fears that are keeping me from walking in my purpose.


I want to stay focused on the purpose that God has for me in this season. I don’t want to get distracted by things that sound good but aren’t God’s best for me.


I feel Him drawing me into a greater surrender to His Word, His Will, and His Purpose for my life.

As I began writing down each of these desires, there were numerous others that I really wanted to add to the list, but I couldn’t see how I could include them all in one year.

And then an idea arose….

What if I could focus on all these things through a monthly Bible reading plan?

Of course!

Have you ever considered achieving goals with a monthly bible reading plan? Join us as we dig in the Word and accomplish goals along the way. #freeprintable #settinggoals #goalsetting #achieveyourgoals #goals


I’m achieving spiritual goals with a monthly bible reading plan this year.

I’m taking my wants, desires, and expectations and seeking the scriptures on how to carry out the action items. I’ve created a calendar of 12 areas that I will be working on this year—one for each month. Here’s a look at the schedule….

Perhaps this process would be beneficial for you too? Rather than just telling you what I’m doing, I want to invite you to join me on this journey.

I would love the company and honestly, the accountability. When we know we have others alongside of us, it gives us the endurance to keep going when the going gets tough!

Right now You can grab your Monthly Bible Reading Plans for the year for only $12!

Want to try it out first? You can sign up below to receive a FREE Bible Reading Plan to get you started!

>>>>To sign up for a FREE Bible Reading Plan click here<<<<

By signing up, you’ll receive a topical bible reading plan with specific scriptures for each day. You’ll also learn to pray and declare these scriptures and share what God is speaking to you through His Word. As a bonus, you’ll have other resources and encouragement made available to you along the way!

We can connect on Instagram too! You can follow me @flourishingtoday! Also, hashtag #FlourishingintheWord and tag me to share what God’s speaking to you on this journey!

I can’t wait to hear all of the amazing things God will do as we get intentional with reading the Word this year!

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  1. Fantastic! What a great idea- making goals more than a “wish with a plan” and actually incorporating scripture (which has way more power than our own self will!) Awesome, Alisa!

  2. I signed up for the monthly Bible reading. I received January and February, but have not received March. Is there somewhere I can get it to download?

    1. Hey Nancy! Thank you for letting me know! It’s should have gone out. I’ll check with my email service right now!

      1. Hi Alisa,

        I still haven’t received anything. Do you have the ability to re-send it to me or sign me up again so I receive them going forward?

        1. That is so bizarre! I resent it right after you told me. Let me look and make sure your address is showing up in my email system.

  3. Is there a place where I can download the August bible reading plan? I just subscribed to receive the July one, and have really been enjoying it, but can’t find the August one?!

    1. That is so bizarre! You should have gotten the August one! I will send it to you now.

  4. Alisa, I work for Happily Parenting in South Carolina, and we’re conducting an 8-week marriage series next month at a local church. Could we include your wonderful marriage scripture guide in our folder for each attendee? Thanks so much–this would be perfect! –Andrea Fuller, Happily Parenting (www.happilyparenting.com)

  5. Abril Evans says:

    i just signed up for the monthly reading plan and haven’t received anything.

    1. Let me check on that for you Abril. You should have received it automatically.

    2. Hey Abril! I just checked and my email service shows 2 emails going out to you. Can you check your spam or junk folder?

  6. Great article! I’m always looking for new reading plans! Thank you 🙂

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