When You’re Tired and Weary and Need a Little Grace

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Some weeks I just want to give up.

The blog. The chores. The responsibilities.

They can all become a little much at times.

Maybe you’ve had one of those days or weeks?

The heaviness from the load you’re carrying feels like it could break you at any moment.

This week I felt the load.

It was if I had a backpack full of rocks, walking up a steep mountain that never ended.

Physical and emotional exhaustion were setting in.

Long days of shuttling kids back and forth. Dentist visits with the kids that went less than desirable. Tasks that needed to get accomplished, but were left undone because there just simply wasn’t enough hours in the day.

I was tired and weary and needed a little grace.

Are you tired and weary? Do you need the grace of God to get you through? Here are a few tips for lightening your load and receiving a little grace!

I needed the grace of God to get things done.

But I also needed to extend a little grace to myself.

I can be hard on myself. Expect way more than others would.

I’d never put that kind of pressure on anyone else, yet somehow I’ve placed it on myself.

Yet I read a post this week by Candice at The Brown Eyed Mom, that helped me realize something….

None of us are perfect.

I know, profound right?

But really. I think we forget that sometimes.

In our need to hold everything together, we cram perfection down our own throats.

When we don’t live up to our own impossible expectations we criticize ourselves.

In Mama Need Grace and a Whole Lotta Jesus, Candice lays it all out there.

She says,

Today hasn’t been stellar. I’ve yelled.

I may have closed myself in my closet for 30 seconds to compose myself while the toddler screamed on the other side of the door because I wouldn’t let him put a dirty tissue he found in the wastebasket in his mouth.

We ate snacks for lunch on paper plates because I just didn’t have it in me to make a “real” lunch.

The laundry isn’t done. All 3 bathrooms need a good scrubbing. The microwave may just need to be thrown away for all I know.

I can so relate to most of her struggles. They made me feel like I’m not alone. That I don’t need to be perfect or have it all together.

But real relief came when I read these words: ”

Then, I remembered that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself…

The truths she follows up with changed not just my perspective for today, but for future bad days.

Are you tired and weary? Do you need the grace of God? Soak up some truth over at The Brown Eyed Mom today. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you, Candice for brightening my day and reminding me that I’m not alone and to extend myself a little grace! You can grab the featured button below and place it on your website.


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  1. I am sorry you have been tired and weary this week. Yes, we are our hardest on ourselves. I so appreciate you and all you do to help those around you. Thank you for the link-up. Maree

    1. You are so sweet, Maree Dee! Thank you you for your kind words! I’m beginning to feel better already!

        1. You are a doll, Maree Dee!! Thank you. I am truly honored that you would think of me. I love your faithfulness and your commitment. I know God has a great plan for you!

  2. We surely are such works in progress, right?! It’s something I forget over and over again! Let’s remind each other from time to time 🙂 Loved my time here today, Alisa ♥ Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement! Thrilled to link up this week!
    Blessings and smiles,

    1. Oh yes, friend!! Definitely on the journey! Thanks for linking up! I always love seeing your smiling face.

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