Why It’s Important to Pray for Your Marriage

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Do you pray for your marriage?

Although I do pray for my husband, I don’t always necessarily pray for my marriage…..at least not consistently.

But that is something I want to change.

Just as God has an amazing plan for my marriage, the enemy has a plan to try to destroy it.

Through focused and intentional prayer, we can spiritually build a hedge of protection around our marriage that the enemy cannot penetrate.

I don’t know about you, but I surely need that in my marriage!

Just today I was having a conversation with my husband and I began to get irritated. It wasn’t what he was saying that was aggravating me, but the fact that I was being interrupted from something I needed to do.

I’m a pretty focused person, so interruptions tend to annoy me anyway.

But my husband is way more important than my need to finish my task, so I answered the calls.

By the third call, my patience had worn thin and I responded in a not-so-nice manner.

I quickly realized what was going on.

Whether it was my selfish motives or an attack from the enemy, something was coming against my marriage. My husband and I have not had a disagreement in a while and whatever was rising up to cause dissension needed to get shut down.

So, I humbly went to him and apologized.

(It’s amazing what a powerful weapon humility can be!)

Why It’s Important to Pray for Your Marriage

Do you pray for your marriage? Often times I will pray for my spouse, but forget to pray for my marriage. Here's a prayer for marriage to get you started.

After reconciling and smoothing things over, I realized how quickly a wedge can be driven between a husband and wife.

Small things can turn into big things if we don’t handle our marriages with care.

Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!

Song of Solomon 2:15 NLT

We need prayers for our marriage.

This week I read Valerie Murry’s post, How Prayer Can Help Mend a Broken Marriage and I was reminded that praying for my marriage, not only helps my relationship with my husband but my relationship with God.

She wrote,

I’ve found when I pray for my marriage God begins to mend some of the broken places in my heart. He helps me to see my marriage through spiritual eyes instead of my own limited perception. 

And the more I focus on Him, the more my heart is settled by His peace.

I completely agree!!

Praying for our marriages is so important! It brings peace, unity, and love into the relationship.

Do you pray for your marriage?

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  1. This is all so true and so convicting. We take our marriages for granted at our own peril!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting us today, friend. I appreciate your story about your marriage. Sometimes I find myself feeling that way too. Irritated for the interruption. Lord, have mercy and change me! I look forward to reading Valerie’s post. Just pinned it. Your graphics are beautiful!

  3. Oh no I did the same thing with my husband and didn’t even realize it. I too am very focused and struggle with interruptions. I have learned to work around it by asking for 5 minutes so I can get to a stopping point. It helps, however last week I think I was just irritated by the interruptions and not recognizing my husband’s importance. It looks like I might need to apologize.

  4. Hi Alisa,
    I just noticed that you featured my post. Thank you so much. Beautiful graphic too!

  5. LOVE this! And it is so true! God prompted me to pray for specific aspects of marriages every day with my study group for the series When Marriage Gets Messy… And that may be the best of what’s coming out of it! Heading over to Valerie’s site to finish reading! Blessings!

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