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You’ve probably figured out by now that blogging isn’t easy.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been blogging for awhile, it doesn’t take long to understand the work and effort associated with operating a blog.

That leads me to ask you this question: How are you doing?

I don’t ask that as a casual question.

I really want to know.


Because as a fellow blogger, I understand the difficulties that come with blogging.

When I first started out I struggled to find my voice, my niche, and how to navigate through all the “must dos” to make it in the blogging world.

I didn’t know why I was doing it, who my audience was or anything about social media strategy.

I was completely in over my head.

Maybe you’re feeling that way too?

The longer I stayed with blogging, I realized it wasn’t the writing that was overwhelming, but the lack of a solid foundation that made this task exhausting. Like any successful business, a great blog starts with a great plan.

That’s usually where people get stumped‚Ķ.the plan.

It’s hard to analyze and process where you want to go by yourself. I’ve tried it. Even as as a personal/ professional coach, I struggled to get a solid plan down. So I enlisted the help of my husband. He took me through a process of figuring out why I was blogging, who I was blogging for and what I wanted to accomplish.

This process changed the blogging game for me!

I became more focused, had more relevant content and my audience started growing.

That’s why I want to help you today. I know the struggles of starting and growing a blog. But I also know that if you’re considering it or already doing it, you have a message that needs to be heard.

As a blogger you’ve been given a voice, fueled by a passion, to deliver a message that distinguishes you from every other blogger out there.

I want to equip you to not only expand that message, but help you to focus it.

That’s why I established Bloggers Corner.

Here you’ll find resources to help you in all areas of blogging including:

  • Getting your content out there
  • Meeting other bloggers
  • Who to Follow for Social Media Strategy
  • How to Monetize Your Blog

Ready to dig in?

Here we go!!

Getting Your Content Out There

One of the best ways to get your content seen as a new blogger is through linkups! Not only will you have more comments and visits, but you’ll find other amazing bloggers to follow and new blogging buddies.

Here’s some link ups I’ve enjoyed:


The Modest Mom Blog

Moments of Hope

God Sized Dreams 


RaRa Tuesday

Twinkly Tuesday

Tuesday Talk


Tell His Story

Coffee for Your Heart

Sitting Among Friends

A Wise Woman Linkup

Writer Wednesday


Salt & Light Linkup 

I Choose Joy

Live Free Thursday

Heart Encouragement


Faith ‘n Friends

Grace & Truth

Dance with Jesus

Faith on Fire

Fresh Market Friday



Another way to get your content out there is to submit to publications that accept submissions. Here’s a few to consider:


Relevant Magazine


**For more info on places to submit content or to find paid submissions, you can purchase the Christian Writers Market Guide.**


Valuable Facebook Groups

One of the best places I’ve found to meet and connect with other bloggers is in Facebook Groups. I have met some of my closest online friends and learned a ton about blogging in these types of groups. Here are a few of my favorites:

Bloggers Corner: Iron Sharpening Iron

I started this group to have a place where Christian Bloggers can come together (newbies and those who’ve been blogging for years) to sharpen one another. We all have different skills and can help each other in different ways. To be added to the group, simply click on the title above.

By His Grace Bloggers

This group of ladies are some of my favorite. Carmen and Natalie have provided an environment for Christian Women Bloggers that is intimate and resourceful. This one is a must join if you want to get connected! Not only do they offer share threads in the group, but they are committed to helping bloggers grow.

Inspired Bloggers Network

This group is designed to encourage and educate bloggers. Tabitha is a wealth of knowledge. So if you’re looking to connect and grow in blogging, this is a great group!

WPTech Cafe

If you use WordPress, go now and sign up for this group. Seriously. Merri has gotten me out of several messes when WP acted crazy or something went wrong. She is knowledgeable about all things WordPress and can help with a lot of the technical things, including plugins. You won’t regret joining this group!

Where to Find the Best Blogging Info

There are tons of voices out there. Which ones should you actually listen to? Over the past few years, I have sifted through tons of different “experts” on different aspects of blogging. Here I’ll provide you with who I’m following and why:


Sweet Tea, LLC

The name is sweet, but her info is even sweeter! I searched everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, for someone to make SEO make any sort of sense for me. Everything I found assumed I already knew things about SEO, which I did not. When I found Kirsten’s free course SE-OMG! I was ecstatic. She gently lead me through what SEO means and how I can get more traffic by implementing it on my site. Here step by step instructions have made searches from google my 2nd best referral source to my blog!


Since we are talking referrals, repeat after me…..Pinterest is my best friend. It is indeed. My number one referral source for traffic to my blog is Pinterest. With close to 10k followers, I have been able to grow and audience and gain lots of traffic from it. There are tons of people who’ve I’ve relied on for this topic. I could definitely tell you who not to go to, but instead I’ll tell you who I’ve loved!

Simple Pin Media

Kate Ahl is Ah-mazing! This girl knows her stuff and she’s willing to share. One of the things I struggled with the most is that many Pinterest “gurus” don’t share their secrets. The good stuff. They all give the same generic stuff. With Kate, I feel like it’s not so. She gives great sound advice and most importantly, she keeps her info current. With Pinterest’s constantly changing algorithm, it’s important to have up to date info. I have made really expensive mistakes in paying for courses that were outdated. You can rest assure that if you stick with Kate, it will be great and up to date! (You can also join her FB group!)

General Blogging Help

Do A New Thing

Need help managing all your time and content? Christa is your girl! She is a wonderful resource for the day to day blogging questions. Although I haven’t taken her courses, I’ve read enough of her resources that I know they will be good. If you need general blogging help, Christa is who I’d recommend.


Resources Worth Paying for:

By His Grace We Blog (Ebook)

If you are just starting a blog or are considering blogging, buy this book! Carmen is full of knowledge and helps hundreds of other bloggers get going in the right direction. I wish this book would have been available for me when I had first started out. She covers 3 of the most important topics for any blogger: Pinterest, Networking and Branding. You won’t have buyers remorse on this purchase!

Tailwind (Scheduler)

PopupAlly Pro (Opt in & Popups)

Jaaxy (SEO Keyword Help)



In today’s blogging world this topic is SUPER important! You DO NOT want a lawsuit for using copyrighted material.  If you’re going to use free sources, my advice would be to document them. Take pics of where you got them from and when. If you buy them, make sure you know the terms of use. Always read the license you are buying and know what it means. Here are a few sources I’ve used and have found to have the best quality pictures:

Free Sources





Paid Services

Adobe Stock Photos



Free Resources You Must Try

Co-schedule Headline Analyzer 

Do you have a hard time creating great titles for your posts? This is the resource I use. I run every title through the analyzer and it ranks each one with a number and a color. Anything 70 and green is good! Anything yellow or red and below 70, you tweak to make it better. The more you use the analyzer, the easier it will become to create great titles. While your there, sign up for Co-schedules newsletters. They have great articles on social media, growing your audience and managing your time.



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