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Welcome to the blog party!!

We are kicking off our blogiversary with some of your favorite posts! It’s so interesting to me how the posts that I struggled with the most, cried over and even wanted to quit writing over….those were some of your favorites.

When I first began blogging it was really an act of obedience. I felt like God was pushing me out of my comfort zone and stretching me in a way I could never have imagined. The thought of sharing my personal experiences and thoughts on the “world wide web” literally made me sick to my stomach. But you guys… you have made it so enjoyable. You have encouraged me, cheered me on and confirmed the call that God has placed in my heart. For that, I am extremely grateful!

And God? Boy, did He show up! I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but He faithfully gave me guidance along the way.  I didn’t have a ton of goals for this first year, but He showed up with a message written on my heart each week. Some weeks it was last minute, but that still counts right? However, this year I’m being more strategic. God has been speaking to me about being intentional about what I write. So, this year I have 3 new goals I’d like to share with you.

  • Intentional prayer–  I want to pray specifically over each post and for the one who reads them. I’m very aware that each person who visits, comes with unique struggles and worries. But I also know that God knows each one. As I’m writing these posts, I will praying for God to speak to each one of us specifically. I pray that He would so move in each of our lives as we soak up His word together that we could tangibly feel His Presence.  Which leads me to my second goal….
  • Bring more of the Word- What I noticed about each of the posts that were favorites, is that they were all full of the Word and biblical teaching. So this year, I plan to have more of those types of posts and maybe a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned for exciting news on this at the end of this month!
  • Bring community–  As I began thinking about each of our struggles, I realized how alone they can make us feel. When I was desperately battling fear and anxiety, the last thing I wanted was community. As I was talking to a friend, she made the bold statement: Fear Hates Community.  And it’s true. The enemy hates community. But to overcome anything in life, we need others. There is encouragement and wisdom wrapped up in others that you and I can glean. Likewise, there is encouragement and wisdom inside of you and I that others desperately need. It has been my experience that the times we feel the least likely candidate to be used by God, are the times He chooses to use us. Again….more exciting news on this coming at the end of this month!


I just want to again tell you- Thank you for making my first year of blogging a success and a whole lot of fun! Without further ado….


Blog Post Favorites


Here’s your blog post favorites from this year:


Prayers for Your Husband

5 Prayers & Declarations for your Husband

Do you pray for your husband? My answer to this was always, “Of course!” I did pray for my husband, but not on a regular basis. It was usually when he had something going on or asked for prayer. I was rarely proactive in covering him in prayer. However the further I got in my […]




Forgive When You Can't Forget

How to Forgive When You Can’t Forget

Forgiveness is a funny thing, isn’t it? Not a haha funny, but an interesting funny. Recently I ran into someone that I hadn’t seen in a few years. I thought I had forgiven them. It’s not like I really think much about this person. Yet when I saw them–that “feeling” began to come up. You […]




How to Deal with Difficult People

 How to Deal with Difficult People

Can I be transparent with you for a moment? I’m not the best at dealing with difficult people. When someone is curt or snappy, I can tend to get a little defensive. Ok, a lot defensive. Depending on the extremity of their attitude, I usually leave aggravated or crying. Although I don’t love being in these […]




How to Pray Powerful Effective Prayers

How to Pray Powerful Effective Prayers

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to pray? Or maybe you feel like your prayers are useless and instead of reaching up to heaven— like a deflating balloon they lose air and plummet to the ground. Friend, we all feel this way sometimes. I think if we are all being honest, our […]



Barren Places

Resurrecting the Barren Places

Barren. Dried up. Fruitless. Every year was the same. Going to corporate worship should have been a powerful, uplifting experience, but for Hannah it was more like a funeral procession. Her dreams of having a child had been laid to rest. She had spoken to God about this on numerous occasions, but the answer was always no. At […]



Before we go, I would love to ask your opinion…What topics would like to hear about this year? What issue has been a thorn in your side that you’d really love to overcome? Would you share those with me either by email or in the comments? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Hi Alisa,
    I just found your blog today through Carmen over at Married by His Grace. I just wrote my first post yesterday so I’m very new at faith blogging. I still feel out of my depth and I have no idea how I’m going to do this by I keep repeating to myself that my gift will make room for me. I haven’t read through any of your articles yet but I will definitely be reading them after I settle in for the night. I look forward to coming back to your blog. God bless you and all the best!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Marie! I stopped by your blog today and I love the bright colors! Congrats on taking the big step out into the unknown. Now that the hardest part is behind you, you can settle in on writing. =)

  2. Yay, Alisa! God is so good! Love the yummy photo too yikes. I love reading about finding God in the simple, everyday things. I love His Word because it comes alive! I will look forward to reading what you are led to share, and seeing what gold truths you pull out of His word. Blessings, friend.

    Meghan W.

    1. Thanks, Meghan! These pics are making me want to go get some macaroons and donuts! Ha! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I enjoyed your post on prayers for husbands. It truly is an amazing gift you can give your hubby, and I’ve found it also helps you feel closer to him as well! Blessings 🙂 Tasha (visiting from Coffee for Your Heart)

    1. Thanks so much, Tasha! I saw a huge difference when I started praying these prayers for my husband- not just in him, but in the way I saw him. Hope your having a wonderful week!

  4. I am inspired by your intentionality. What a pleasure to meet you! Your neighbor at #raralinkup Angela Craig

  5. Congrats! You have really written some great pieces over the year! Praying that God will continue to give you the words to write and the audience to reach. Keep on writing sista!

  6. Congratulations on one year, Alisa! I never realized that you started around the same time as me. I’m coming up to one year in October (started for Write 31 Days). Recognize so much of what you share here about what you’ve learnt and what you want to do differently. Think I’m going to sit down and do some reflecting and praying over this all too. Thank you for your encouragement…also through your writing this past year.

  7. These were all GOOD! Congratulations on one year, my friend! You have a gift and you are using it brilliantly to share the hope of Jesus in a world so in need.


    p.s. Yay! I can comment again!

  8. Hi, Alisa! I’ve read several of your posts over the past few months and really enjoy your writing, both your topics and your voice. I’m glad you obeyed when God wanted to stretch you out of your comfort zone. I love your goal of praying over each post and the one who reads it. Think I’ll borrow that one myself. 😉 Congratulations on a fantastic year!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I appreciate your encouragement. =) Be sure to stop by and read my Thursday posts this month. I’m having some fun giveaways for bloggers! Have a great weekend!

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